South African Mbuso Kgarebe is born in Soweto, the most controversial township, and developed his own
particular style throughout his experiences of township dances and contemporary dances.

“SBHUJWA means being stylish and trendy from the way you dance and dress, it has been derived from the French word ‘bourgeois’.
Though now in Soweto it has nothing to do with material wealth. Sbhujwa has been adopted as a dance form in South Africa and the world,
originally invented in the dusty streets of Soweto by young experimental dancers. It was informally named Sbhujwa dance since 2000.

Following on the success of the SBHUJWA, Halo Studio offered to create a brand identity for Soweto’s Finest.
Above and below you will see the logo we created, as well as group photos and pack shots that were taken by The Studio.

A big thanks goes to Pierre Cardin South Africa, who kitted the dancers out with their newest
and hippest range of mens low and high top canvas sneakers.